Hemp Medicine
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Our experience with the use of 1 ml hemp oil.  

From 1 ml Hemp Oil you can use about 60 to 70 drops from the size of a grain of rice.
For a serious complaint one can start with 3 drops per day.
You can do this 4 days. The 5th day increas the dosage to 4 drops per day.
Again after 4 days you increas this again with a drop, so 5 drops per day for 4 days. etc …
So you increas your dosage every 4 days until you nearly can consume 1 ml of oil.

I think if one can take 1 ml oil every 3 to 4 days, this will be more than enough.
So in other words, a person with serious conditions such as cancer can be healed again within 90 days with 40 to 50 ml. oil.
And for sure one can using 1 ml maintenance oil with 1 to 2 drops per day last about 35 to 70 days.

Side effects:

Side effects that can enter into force possibly in the early stages include:
– Fatigue, vomiting due to using the previous or current (chemical) medication(s),
Especially people with bronchitis and/or asthma can mainly go vomit because of the full lungs.
– Dizziness and/or sick feeling, regular toileting.

One can in a fearful situation in case of an overdose, hyperventilating, passing out, and/or get an enormously high feeling.
(this usually happens to people who have taken an overdose and/or people who are very sensitive and almost never in contact with Hemp THC.)

Again it is recommended that the dosage slowly is increased because the body has to get used to the oil dosage!

Again do not panic when this occurs !
Go with this feeling and rest if necessary, possibly in bed or another relaxing place.
Close your eyes and take a rest period.
After the rest period the dizziness or nausea and/or all other nasty feelings usually will have disappeared.

Also what can help is when having too much intake of the oil and feeling strange, take some sugary holding drinks, or lemonade etc.

Always consult your doctor when considering of decreasing or stopping your current medication(s).